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December 03, 2018 2 min read

When it comes to interior design, there’s no denying the importance of furniture, paint color, artwork choices, and other crucial factors. However, there’s one underappreciated element that’s regularly overlooked -- lighting.

At West Ninth Vintage, we understand the impact that lighting can have on a room. It not only brightens a space, but it can change the appearance of paint color, cast shadows to make a room look smaller, and even create dimension, mood, and ambiance.

Clearly, lighting is a significant component of enhancing your interior design. But the kind of lighting you need depends on the function they will serve. Let’s check out the different types and see how you can use light to add allure and character to your home. 

General Lighting

Also known as ambient lighting, this evenly illuminates an entire space. It’s typically used for visibility and providing overall light. There are a few types: uplights, such as sconces and torchieres, which shine light towards the ceiling, and downlights, like recessed lights, which cast light towards the floor. General lighting is best used with dimmers, so you can adjust them according to the time of day or the mood you're trying to create.

Task Lighting

Task lighting, or work lighting, is a brighter light used to perform and complete specific tasks, such as reading, homework, cooking, and getting ready in the bathroom. They usually illuminate smaller areas and can be up to three times brighter than general lighting. For example, table and floor lamps can be perfect for providing task lighting in bedrooms and living areas.

Accent Lighting

This can bring added visual attraction to a room or object by creating various focal points. Track lighting and pictures lights can create brilliance and perfect illumination to highlight paintings, sculptures, collectibles, bookcases, textured walls, and make other architectural features stand out.

By creatively combining and layering the three principle elements of interior lighting, you can create the perfectly illuminated home that enhances your decor, creates mood, and exudes elegance.

For more information on how lighting can improve your home’s interior design, or for questions about our products at West Ninth Vintage, fill out this contact form.




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