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December 03, 2018 2 min read

Autumn has finally arrived! Whether you're getting ready to host family and loved ones for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, or even a “Friendsgiving,” there’s nothing that can quite invoke the essence of the season than some tasteful lighting to set the mood.

And although they may be a subtle and often underappreciated addition to any home’s decor, the proper light fixtures can not only add allure and character to any room or space, but it can also add elegance to it with seasonal flair.

We understand that the right lighting can be essential to creating the perfect mood and ambiance this Thanksgiving season. And with our selection ofonline ceiling light fixtures, pendant lights, and sconces, we can help get you, your family, and your guests into the holiday spirit.

Reaping the Harvest

You don’t have to own a farmhouse to feel like you live in one. And there’s nothing quite like harvest-themed accessories and lighting to remind us of the tradition of Thanksgiving. Whether you adopt farmhouse style lighting for your entire interior or just one single room or area, it’s versatile, so it goes with just about any style or preexisting decor.

By using wood, especially with rich or burnished tones and shades, or reclaimed wood, you can incorporate the rustic simplicity and handcrafted artistic beauty of farmhouse lighting. Trywood pendant lighting over your dining table to provide a tasteful accent to any space.

Hanging Heavy Metal

Wood isn’t the only way to express the country charm that the farmhouse style exudes. By introducing iron metal lighting, you can create the rustic look and weathered appeal that an iron pipe light fixture can provide for your home. They offer both warm and even light and also create elegant appeal, which is a great way to get your guests in the holiday mood.  

Abrass pendant chandelier or even adouble pulley light can be perfect for illuminating the Thanksgiving table and adding a little panache to the celebration. And if you're feeling ambitious, try an industrial pendant light for a more unique feel and look.

At West Ninth Vintage, we can help you create the perfect mood, setting, and atmosphere with our one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures. Each is easily installed and can add character to any home, regardless of its design, decor, or architecture.

Topurchase rustic hanging lights online, or for any of our other products, order before November 15th to receive it before Thanksgiving!

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