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Video: West Ninth Vintage — Who We Are and What We Do

December 03, 2018 2 min read


West Ninth Vintage logo

Collecting and curating truly unique and one-of-a-kind lighting designs and housewares isn’t just our job; it’s our passion. We’reWest Ninth Vintage, and we want to add elegance and beauty to your home or office with our handcrafted pieces. Not only are these completely functional lights perfect for just about any space, indoor or outdoor, but they double as distinctive and eye-catching works of art.

Our exclusive pieces have been attracting media buzz as of late. In fact, some of our works have recently been showcased in GQ magazine UK, and on FYI TV’s Tiny House Nation program. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this new design movement that incorporates many styles, from industrial and steampunk to farmhouse and rustic, and everything in between.



Let’s take a look at the styles and materials that our authentic lighting pieces draw from: 


This warm and inviting style features clean lines and hints of classic Americana. Evoking a sense of simplicity and comfort, the style includes organic elements like glass, light shades of wood, and natural textures and finishes.


Borrowing from science fiction novels and futuristic ideas, the steampunk style blends our past with our ideas of the future. These intricately-designed works of art fuse salvaged industrial parts, relics from the steam age, and antique metals with electrical components and contemporary craftsmanship.


Perfect for indoor or outdoor lighting opportunities, rustic lighting incorporates distressed and multi-toned finishes to impart charm and quaintness to any home or office.


Similar to steampunk, industrial lighting styles invoke Victorian times. Blacksmiths, cobblers, and the industrial age are all reflected in these designs. Authentic iron pipe, cages, and even various gauges are combined to create unique conversation starters that can serve as the centerpiece of any room.


AtWest Ninth Vintage, we have the perfect individual lighting styles to match the interior decor, architecture, and character of any home. To place an order or for information on our customized pieces, fill out thisform.

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