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Modern Black Porcelain Pendant Chandelier

Industrial modern style porcelain chandelier shown here with 7 bulbs, crafted with high-quality sockets, canopy and twisted cloth cord for each light. Wired above the canopy and fastened with a custom clip, each pendant can be adjusted to varying heights. Stagger the lengths or tie a knot without having to rewire the fixture. This light comes standard with 3' of cord per pendant. Perfect for any space you want to add a modern touch.


  • Cord Length: Comes standard with 3' of cord for each pendant light that can be adjusted/shortened to your desired length in your own home! Pendants can be staggered.
  • Number of Lights: 3, 5, 7, or 9 pendants
  • Bulbs: Accepts all standard bulbs up to 60 Watts
  • Socket: Standard size heavy duty light socket (120V/240V)
  • Processing Time: 2-4 business days
  • Included: 5" Canopy 
  • Wired for usage in all countries
  • Wired for electrical box

Caution: All Lights should be installed by a qualified electrician 

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