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Porcelain Multi-Pendant with Black Cages

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This is one of the more versatile lights we have ever made. This industrial light is flexible enough to work in a home, retail space, or office. This light uses high quality black porcelain sockets combined with vintage cloth wire to hang the lights.

What makes this piece so versatile is that we have wired it all together above the canopy and attached a clip for fastening the wires together. This allows you, the homeowner or installer the ability to adjust the cords to your desired height, stagger the lengths or even tie a knot if so desired without having to rewire the piece. This can all be done in your own home and is incredibly easy. This light comes standard with 3' of cord for each pendant light and the bulbs are not included.

Details about your new fixture:

  • Pendant Length: Comes standard with 3' of cord for each pendant light that can be adjusted/shortened to your desired length in your own home! Pendants can be staggered.
  • Pendant Lights: 3,5,7, or 9 lights
  • Bulbs: Any style bulb including Edison, Standard, LEDS etc. (no candelabras)
  • Rated 60 Watts Per Socket
  • Socket: Standard size heavy duty light socket (120V/240V)
  • Processing Time: 2-4 business days
  • Wired for Electrical box
  • Wired for usage in all countries
  • Included: 5" Canopy, Black Metal Cages and mounting hardware
  • Dimmer switch compatible

Caution: All Lights should be installed by a qualified electrician


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