Wood Pendant Light with cages | Early American - West Ninth Vintage


Wood Pendant Light with cages | Early American

Combining both wood and high quality porcelain sockets, there is no place that this light can't be used. The distressed wood stack you see in the picture has been made to mount directly to your ceiling electrical box. Each wood stack is the same size, all are stained with our blend of stain and have their own unique patina.

This light is designed for an easy install and the 4' of pendant cord each light comes with allows you to hang them as high or low as you want. There are clips in the wood stack that allows you to adjust them before you hang the light. This light is already wired by us for you and all you have to do is the fun part of adjusting the cords to your needs.


  • Dimensions: Wood Stack is 35" Long X 7 1/2" Wide X 2" Height
  • Cord Length: Comes standard with 4' of cord for each pendant light that can be adjusted/shortened to your desired length in your own home! Pendants can be staggered or set evenly
  • Pendant Lights: 6 Pendant Lights and 6 cages
  • Bulbs: Accepts all standard bulbs up to 60 Watts
  • Bulbs sold separately 
  • Socket: Standard size heavy duty black porcelain socket (120V/240V)
  • Processing Time: 2-4 Business days
  • Included: All mounting hardware
  • Hardwired for electrical box
  • Wired for usage in all countries
  • This light is dimmer switch compatible
  • Weight: 9 lbs

Caution: All Lights should be installed by a qualified electrician

Made in USA
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